Our Mission

  • Resale server products and build them for you. Lenovo, HPE
  • Resale storage products and build them for you.Lenovo DM/DE シリーズ
  • Propose solutionsDevelop Broadcast Explorer and Provide technical support
  • Parts SalesSelling Lenovo Server/Storage maintenance parts.(ECサイト
  • Oursourcing operation, Proposing KaizenAnalyze your business operation and support automating your business flow.
  • Professional Service Project Management, Security related project, Engineering support.


Following Lenovo server parts will be end of sales soon. Please order by Apr. 30th.http://sales.brightconsulting.co.jp FRU PN Description Commodity Demand Due Date LTB PO# 01KT994 CARDPOP AMD Radeon Pro V340 CARDPOP 4月30日 01PE516 12TB SATA 7.2K He ST HDD HDD 4月30日 02JG389 S 12T SATA 7.2K HDD HDD 4月30日 01PE851 ST BP No-SED 14T 7200 SATA HDD 4月30日 02JG465 ST 14TB SATA [...]

March 6th, 2020|

Website renewal! We have updated and renewed our website. Contact us for products and services!

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